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Lyons Guitar & String Lesson Studio
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                        Student Achievements
Learning an instrument requires discipline, good practice habits and patience! This page is a gallery of students who have graduated from a unit book. This goal is achievable to every student and yields wonderful results when the student, parent and teacher work together. Congratulations!!

Kian, Guitar Unit 1
Josh, Guitar Unit 1
Will, Guitar Unit 1
Paul, Guitar Unit 1
James, Guitar Unit 1
Tavon, Guitar Unit1
                  Mason, Guitar Unit 1
                    Kian, Guitar Unit 2

                   Will, Guitar Unit 2
                       Anuj, Guitar Unit 1
James, Guitar Unit 2
                  Paul, Guitar Unit 2
                     Callen, Guitar Unit 1
                         Max, Guitar Unit 1
                 Michael, Guitar Unit 1